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Kittycoin is a
Fun Meme Based

Inspired by Dogecoin. 10% of Kittycoins go to support user
voted upon no kill animal shelters and rescues.

Innovative Features

What Makes Kittycoin Token Unique?

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Free to Sigup (Onboard New Users)

Don’t have the money to buy Kittycoin Tokens at the moment? No problem, anyone can claim their first few Kittycoin Tokens for FREE by just signing up. We aim to solve the “Pay to Use” presented by other cryptocurrencies by airdropping 40% of the Kittycoin Supply to onboard new users.

Charity Voting

Charity Voting – 10% of the Kittycoin supply goes to support user voted upon no-kill animal shelters and rescues, making Kittycoin one of the first ever philantropic currency initiatives.

Fast & Cheap Transactions

Super Fast & Cheap Transactions – the average Kittycoin transaction costs less than a penny and is confirmed almost instantly.

Proof of User Activity Mining

Anyone can mine for Kittycoin Tokens using just their Home PC without the need for specialized or expensive mining equipment. Just download the Kittycoin Mining Software and start watching videos & browsing the web to mine for coins.


How to Get Started

Choose a Wallet

To get started with Kittycoin, the first thing you need to do is download a compatible crypto wallet application. Visit our Wallets page to see a listing of available wallet applications and to view the step by step setup tutorial.

Claim your Free Coins

After you setup a wallet application, the next step is to acquire your first Kittycoin tokens. Unlike 99% of other cryptocurrencies, Kittycoin is unique because we airdrop each new member free Kittycoin Tokens. At the moment each new member gets 10,000 FREE Kittycoins, just for signing up!

Spread the MEOW and Receive 5X+ more

Send Kittycoin to all your family and friends. The more Kittycoin you send the more MEOW you can receive. How it Works: For each new person you get to successfully claim their free Kittycoins, you will currently receive a bonus of 20,000 Kittycoins. Refer just 50 people and you could become a Kittycoin Millionaire!

Start Mining Kittycoins

Anyone can mine Kittycoin using just their Home PC by utilizing our innovative “Proof of User Activity” mining method. Just download our mining app to get start, there is no need for expensive or costly mining equipment.

Vote and Support Animal Shelters / Rescues

One of the things that makes Kittycoin truely unique compared to other cryptocurrencies is the fact that 10% of all newly created Kittycoins, go to support user voted upon animal shelters and rescues. Any Kittycoin user can participate in the voting process via the Kittycoin Voting App.

Invest in Kittycoin

Do you believe in the mission of Kittycoin? Want to make money while spreading MEOW and cryptocurrency adoption worldwide? If so, purchasing Kittycoins at the current market price could be a great opportunity for exponential profits. The Kittycoin network is growing rapidly and our mission is to onboard millions of new users within the next couple years. If we succeed in this mission, the price of Kittycoin is likely to increase exponentially overtime as well.

Anyone that owns 100+ dogecoin tokens on 6/1/2021 (the dogecoin must be in your own personal wallet – not exchange wallet) will become elgible to claim free Kittycoin tokens. Make sure you buy dogecoin before this date if you wish to receive free Kittycoin Tokens.

Dogecoin Airdrop (Scheduled)

Kittycoin is
airdropping coins to
Dogecoin holders starting 6/1/2021.


Mission of Kittycoin

Increase Cryptocurrency
Adoption Worldwide

It is no secret that kitties are one of the most popular things on the internet. We aim to encourage mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by airdropping “Kittycoin” Tokens to millions of individuals around the world. Then by providing each of those individuals the fun incentive structure to send “Kittycoin” to all their family and friends by participating in the built-in “Kittycoin Referral Program”. The more individuals that one successfully refers to free claim “Kittycoin Tokens”, the more Kittycoin they will receive themselves.

Support Animal Shelters
and Rescues

Raise money and awareness to support no-kill animal shelters and rescues. Kittycoin aims to support these causes through an innovative built-in charity voting application, in which users of Kittycoin vote to decide which specific organizations 10% of all newly created Kittycoins are donated to support. Whether it be to help local abandoned puppies and kittens in a shelter find a good home, or help endangered species in a wildlife reserve… Kittycoin is here to help.


Join the Kittycoin Community

We Need Your Skills Contribute!

Kittycoin is a decentralized community and exists only thanks to the group of amazing volunteers that are currently working day and night to support our project. Join us in helping make the world a better place “1 Kittycoin at a time”.


Claim your Free Kittycoins

The first step to becoming a part of the Kittycoin community, is to simply free claim your 10,000 Kittycoins signup bonus. We want to make Lovecoin accessible to all individuals around the world. To make this a reality 40% of the total Kittycoin supply has been dedicated to supporting airdrops to onboard new users. At the moment the signup bonus is 10,000 Kittycoins per unique user, overtime this number will decrease all the way down to 5 Kittycoins. So the earlier you signup, the more Kittycoins you can receive. What are you waiting for? Free-claim Kittycoins today. Kittycoin is the future , the only question is; Will you be part of it?